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The Search for a Theory of Everything - Promotional Trailer

Directed by Elizabeth Puccini
Produced by Elizabeth Puccini, Tristan Waldroop
Edited by Elizabeth Puccini, Tristan Waldroop
Cinematography by Tristan Waldroop
Animation by Julie Evanoff
Music by Arlen Ginsburg

Durer's Rhino Pacing

This is Durer's famous rhino. He is pacing back and forth in front of a control panel. Behind him the world map has static. His head is down. A boat sails by and he looks up for a second with a glimpse of hope. This animation was made during Eric Eiser's After Effects class at SVA in their animation department. My animation shifted after taking that class from focusing on hand drawn methods to cut and paste animation using found image but altering them and putting them together in After Effects.

The Roots of Romanticism

This animation is a story about media and imagination.

Sukha & Dukkha

This animation is inspired by Persian and Indian miniature painting from the 12c.

Ode to William Barret's

"Irrational Man:

A Study in Existentialism, 1962"

This animation is the beginning of a long series of animation inspired by Barret's book. The series begins well before the existentialists, with Descartes.