Drawing without electric light

I was working on prints near Rosendale, New York, at the Women's Studio Workshop. It was one of those crazy rains and wind storms that swept through and left much of the valley without electricity. I decided to stay and make drawings at night under candle light. 


Curated into this grouping by Adrienne for a show in Mississippi, these drawings and mixed media pieces are from different series from the last five years.

Samskara Disrupt

These are large pieces, between three and six feet, on paper. They were made in my studio in north Williamsburg. I studied Vedanta philosophy for a year in New Brunswick, and was struck by the idea of Samskaras (Sanskrit: संस्कार). From what I understood, one of it's meanings in Indian philosophy and Indian religions  "mental impression, recollection, or psychological imprint". It was explained to me as a sort of repetitive groove in our neural pathways and habits. I was making a metaphoric leap and seeing war as a Samskara of the human species and these pieces were made out of a desire to disrupt that Samskara.